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What is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) very in form, but in general they consist of a group of individuals that pledge to support a local farm. This support can come in many forms, but generally it is a payment in the beginning of the season that helps farmers get the seeds, fertilizers, and other supplies they need for the year. Then, throughout the growing season, the CSA members receive a box of produce each week with a mix of vegetables the farmers grew. Members are often referred to as “shareholders” and their pre-purchase of vegetables as “share”. In exchange for the up-front contribution, shareholders receive produce during the 18 week program. We want to provide fresh vegetables for our family and yours through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). With the CSA, customers will have access to a variety of fresh vegetables and berries that are picked weekly. We are opening 40 vegetable CSA Shares through Harold Vance Family Farm. This will provide a wide variety of vegetables and berries for a reasonable price with a once a week pick up at the farm, in Banks and Forest Grove.

What is our Vegetable Share?
The Vegetable Share begins approximately the first week of June into mid October and runs for about 18 weeks. We provide a variety of seasonal vegetables during that time from lettuce, kale, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, beans, summer squash, corn, winter squash and MORE! Some weeks will be lighter on the vegetables especially at the beginning of the season until more vegetables become available for harvest. Once you choose your pick up location you will come each week to pick up your produce or if you have chosen a delivery option your berries or vegetables are delivered to you. A weekly email will be sent out to update you on the farm and what is coming available. The Half Share feeds approximately 2 people and is $250 for the season which comes out to $14 week for fresh, pesticide free, locally grown vegetables. The Full Share is $450 for the season which comes out to $25 week. We hope to provide a bounty of vegetables that are fresh, pesticide free, and locally grown for you and your family.

What is our Berry Share?
The Berry Share begins in May/June with Strawberries, we usually have blueberries available next starting around the 4th of July and about a week later are the blackberries and Marion berries. We are hoping to have raspberries this year also. Each week you will receive 4-6 pints of pre picked berries. Some weeks you may get all of one type of berry or a variety of all the berries depending on what is ripe and available. Once you choose your pick up location you will come each week to pick up your berries or if you have chosen a delivery option then we will bring your berries to you. A weekly email will be sent out to update you on the farm and what is coming available. The Berry Share is $135 for the season which comes out to $15 week for beautiful, fresh tasting, fresh picked berries.

Online Ink Buying Guide

ink suppliesBuying ink on the Internet is one of the smartest ways to cut down on your office supply costs. Not only can you compare prices, you can get many great deals only available online. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how you can get the best prices for your online ink purchases.

The first thing you must decide is whether you want to buy brand new inkjet cartridges, or remanufactured cartridges. The advantage of a brand new cartridge is that it is new and will almost always work perfectly. However, brand new cartridges are also the most expensive. A remanufactured cartridge, on the other hand, is slightly cheaper, but there is a bigger risk. Since these cartridges were refilled by a vendor, there is a higher chance that they won’t work as well as a new cartridge. Also, some remanufactured cartridges will make your printer display errors or warnings that your ink levels are low. But the good news is that remanufactured cartridges from trusted vendors usually do not pose a problem.

There is also a third option if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, which is to purchase an ink refill kit and refill empty ink cartridges on your own. Ink refill kits sell from around $30, and will allow you to refill cartridges multiple times. I personally do not like this option myself since it is too much of a hassle. But once you get the hang of it, you can save a lot of money by refilling your own cartridges. There is a learning curve to learn how to do this, however, and you may or may not want to go this route, depending on how much time you have.

When purchasing ink online, make sure you utilize online coupon codes in order to secure extra discounts. You can find such coupons all over the web. I personally like using an inkfarm coupon myself. Don't just check one site, however. I like to check at least two or three sites to make sure I am using the best, most up-to-date coupon.

Dating options for this century


If there's one thing that has changed quite a bit in the 21st century, it's dating. For hundreds of years, dating has pretty much been unchanged, and the only way people met were through random encounters or introductions by friends or family members. This left much to chance. Even if there was a soulmate living just 10 miles away, if you didn't run into this person during your daily activities under the right circumstances, you probably would never develop a romantic relationship with them.

This reliance on chance encounters was frustrating for many people, but with the recent advances in technology, many other options exist today for meeting other single people. Chief among them is the Internet and all the interactions it enables. This options only became viable for most people at the turn of the century. Today, it is commonplace, and it is no longer unusual for people to have met online.

The most easy way to utilize the Internet to find love is by joining a dating site like Match.com. While Match.com isn't your only option, it's the most straightforward site to join if you are looking for a date, since the entire site is designed to help you achieve that goal. A good way to try out Match.com is by joining with a free trial, which you can do if you click this link. This way, you don't have to risk your own money before you know what you're getting into.

There are other ways to go about meeting people online, however. One popular choice is social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But one thing to keep in mind when using such sites is that many people you are interacting with may already be married or in a committed relationship. So while you may meet a lot of people, they may not be eligible, so to speak.

And lastly, there are online games. It used to be odd and somewhat unusual for people to have met through an online game, but nowadays, it is not uncommon at all. If you use this approach as your only way to meet people, however, be advised that the chances of meeting someone you are compatible in your local area is somewhat slim. One advantage of meeting people through an online game is that you are bound to share similar interests, based on the fact that you 1) both seem to enjoy online games and 2) you have chosen the same game to play, which reflects a similar taste in games.

The real secret is to try many different tactics. It's probably a good idea to join at least one dating site like Match.com, as this will be a good default thing to do for all people looking for a date in the modern era. But don't stop there. Play games, use social media, and behoove yourself to all the other means of meeting people. If you do these things, it will only be a matter of time until you find the type of person you are looking for.

How MMORPGs have evolved

If you've been on the Internet for any amount of time, you've probably heard of MMORPGs. They are similar to RPGs (Role playing games) but exist on a much larger scale. That is why they are called Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Where does the term "massive" come from? It comes from the fact that hundreds or even thousands of people can be playing at the same time in the same virtual environment. It's the closest thing to a virtual world that we have in the modern gaming era. You can read more about MMORPGs here.

The first major MMORPG that became widely adopted by people of all ages was World of Warcraft. The game came out in 2004 and quick garnered millions of users, who paid $15 a month to play the game. This ended up being a lucrative model of Blizzard, the company that created the game. A recurring revenue stream ended up making the company a ton of money, and was much better for the bottom line compared to charging just once for the purchase of the game. The recurring fee was not without justification since the company did have to spend money managing the hundreds of servers that allowed people to play the game worldwide. But some people were unhappy about having to pay monthly. Despite this, World of Warcraft's membership eventually ballooned to over 12 million subscribers.

Nowadays, MMORPGs have a different subscription model. Most of them these days are free, but charge you when you use a store to buy items or upgrades. Is this as profitable as the old model? Probably not, but consumers these days have become accustomed to being able to play games for free, so game makers don't have much of a choice. By making games free, however, more people are likely to try out a game since it costs them nothing upfront. In the end, this may help a game gain wider exposure and ultimately a greater number of players.

So what does this all mean for regular games? Have then gone out of style? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Console games remain popular as ever, but unlike MMORPGs, they can't be played for free. You'll typically need a bigger budget to play console games given that you must buy the game console as well as the games. If you join a service like Gamefly, you can rent unlimited games for a modest monthly membership price. I prefer to use Gamefly for my console games for this reason. Incidentally, a Gamefly monthly subscription costs $15 a month, which is the same amount as a World of Warcraft membership. $15 seems to be a popular price point for gaming subscriptions!

E-cigarettes gain popularity

E-cigarettes are a relatively new thing. As little as 5 or 10 years ago, many people didn't even know what these small electronic devices are. But today, they are widely used not just by common folk but by famous people like celebrities as well. What's more there are quite a few vape stores in just about every neighborhood.

volcano batteries

You may find it strange that such stores are so prevalent, but once you understand more about e-cigarettes, it starts to make sense. Unlike regular smoking, vaping is seen as a hobby by many people. And there are many customizations and tweaks you can make to your e-cigarette setup. Because of this, people who vape often visit stores to shop for new accessories. Some people even buy "skins" for their e-cigarettes and adorn them in the same way that many people do for their cell phones. This type of behavior underscores how much of an avid hobby vaping is for many people.

But accessories are only part of the equation. The biggest component of e-cigarettes are batteries, and this is where a vaper must use the greatest care. All the accessories in the world won't make up for a bad battery. The secret solution for me has been choosing Ecig Batteries and high-quality mods made by famous brands like Volcano Ecigs. When you don't buy from a well-known e-cigarette company, it really becomes a crap shoot. And you end up having to test numerous batteries before you find the one you like.

First steps to building a business

If you interview a group of random people and ask them what their dream is, many of them will tell you that their dream is to start a business. While admirable, building a new business from scratch can be one of the largest challenges a person can meet. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Necessary stationery and printed goods. You want to make sure you have necessary stationery, such as envelopes, business checks, business cards, etc. Because most of these things take time to print, you'll need to place your order ahead of time. Using Deluxe coupons is the recommended way of getting the business checks at a low price.

2. Licenses and permits. This is one area that new business owners frequently overlook. But unless you want fines and other headaches down the road, it's worth your extra time and money to make sure you have all the required licenses and permits. You can get most of the licenses and permits you need for $100 or less.

3. A website. This is a given, and it used to cost a lot of money to have a custom website designed. Today, it's still a good idea to hire a professional firm to make your website if you are a mid-large size company; however, in other cases, some out-of-the-box solutions like wix are not only cheaper but more appropriate for your need.

Eharmony, the smart way

One of the top choices for dating services remains Eharmony. For the last 15-20 years, Eharmony has been a dominant influences on the dating world, particularly when it comes to two things. First, Eharmony has been a great choice for people who are interested in a simple, easy-to-understand dating site. And second, Eharmony has filled the void for people who want a matching algorithm and compatibility to be the guiding forces for them when looking for a life partner.

awesome dates

But that doesn't mean one should simply join the site, cross their fingers and hope for the best. No, to find success on a site like Eharmony, a more structured approach is needed. To help you accomplish this, I suggest the following things:

1. Spend time on your profile. The profile you need on most dating sites are short, and while you don't want to slam your potential dates with too much information, you need to provide enough to make yourself enticing as well.

2. Use as many photos as you can. Obviously, you should leave out unflattering photos or photos that are inappropriate for some reason. But aside from that, the general rule is that the more photos you have, the better.

3. Give it a chance. Many people give up too early with online dating. With a site like Eharmony, results may unveil themselves over the period of days, weeks, or even months. Using this link for a free trial is therefore a good decision. If you throw in the towel too early, you could be turning your back on the love of your life!

A guide to choosing fragrances


Many people wear fragrances to enhance their scent. There are over 10,000 fragrances, however, making it difficult to know which one is the best for a particular individual. In this articles I will discuss some ways to facilitate the process of choosing a fragrance.

One of the easiet ways to test out a fragrance is by going to a department store. They will let you try out many different fragrances, but be aware that there is a limited number of fragrances you can try at a given store. This can limit your choices and prevent you from finding the fragrance that is most suitable for you.

Another way is to buy really small samples of a fragrance you are interested in. You can buy such samples from many different fragrance stores, but we recommend using stores like affinitymart for the best fragrances at the lowest prices.

Lastly, you can subscribe to magazines that offer ads of different fragrances. Typically, there will be a sticker you can remove, and once you do, you will be able to smell the scent. This is a great way to check out brand new fragrances.



Welcome to Tom's Berry Patch. We provide U-Pick Berries beginning around May/June and are open until mid August. We also offer weekly vegetable and berry box subscriptions also know as CSA shares. A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. We offer a variety of berries for U-PICK, including Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Marion Berries.

This year we are planting a variety of U-Pick vegetables also including Peas, Beans, Cucumber, and Squash. Please bring your own containers to bring your berries or veggies home in.

NOTE: This domain is under new ownership and the above information is provided for archival purposes only.


More Information:

Registration is now open for our 2016 CSA Season. NEW this year home or business delivery options in Banks and Forest Grove areas, we want to make getting berries and vegetables to you even easier this year! Check out the Vance CSA Veggie & Berry Boxes page for more information and download your registration form today.